MAFFO is a TV channel on internet and dedicated to music and shop.
MAFFO is distributor and distributor of music: Sale of the CD and the DVD of the Musicians and artists everywhere in the world.
In clear, with MAFFO not need to be a Big star to Sell his/her/its music in China, to Brazil, in Africa, or to the United States.
MAFFO applies to the artists musicians: All artists who want it can deposit on sale at home their CD, Their DVD, the gadgets and accessories to their effigies.
MAFFO applies to all artists in all domains that want to have a larger public with an immediate visibility.
Maffo is in free consultation, Write yourselves down free to participate in our numerous free games and to vote.
Maffo gives you the antenna then benefit some.
See you very soon therefore and let's be actors of our lives

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